Tuesday, July 16, 2019

17Paths/Personal Branding Photography/ Utah County/ JWilsonPix

Everyone please let me introduce you to John. Founder/Creator of a brand new business called 17 Paths. Its still a work in progress but man oh man.... hold on to your hats once its completed!!!

Learn more about John and what he is doing below!

  • I don't have one yet as far as a mission statement goes, but let's talk a little about where this came from. The inspiration began as a prompting to read children's stories and record them to post online for kids who don't have a dad to read to them. I call that "path" - "Pop's Place". I always called my dad "Pop", so it makes sense to honor his memory with a name. Where did the number 17 come from? It's my favorite number. I latched on to it while playing senior amateur soccer and didn't let go. As a goalkeeper you normally have 1 as your number. That's fine, but it didn't work, so I chose 17. I have plans for each of the 17 to include things where I can be considered an expert (coaching, training, real estate, organizational behavior, soccer, etc.) and things where my wife is an expert (interior design, homeschooling, professional preschooling, etc.) and paths for my kids (animal husbandry for one daughter, cooking for another, undecided for my littles), and where I have relationships with other experts and will cross-promote other professionals. Additionally, I am involving family members who are pros in other arenas...like my father in law who is developing a curriculum for old people who need plans on how to retire and live off the interest of their savings. It's a broad plan, but I'm being guided and directed to do so...I've just been slow getting going over the last few years. I feel a need to get this done NOW. So, if you ask me, my mission is to provide pathways to education for people on their journey through life.
  • My "why" is my family. I spent so many years working long hours spending time away from them when I wasn't supposed to be doing those jobs. I had one 6 figure income job with great benefits where I would leave before sunrise and return after sunset each day. I only saw my kids 20-30 minutes a day. I said to myself...when I die, I'm NOT going to look back on my life and wish I had worked MORE hours. It was the lowest point of my life. Honestly, depression and suicide were very real and on my mind. At the same time, after mutual separation from that job (i wanted gone and they wanted me gone), I lost both parents within 8 months of each other, lost my home because my income had changed too much, lost another 2 jobs because they ran out of money and went out of business and felt pretty much like a loser. What I realized was each one of those items was freedom in disguise.
  • Leaving the jobs created HUGE benefits of working from home with my family (my most important why). Having both parents pass away freed them from the pain of suffering in an old worn out body and for my mom the torment of Alzheimer's. They were FREE and I will see them again. Selling the house helped me to pay off thousands in debt and get freedom from that as well as provide enough income to live for quite a while. Finally, leading me to gratitude. Being a coach is a natural thing for me. I started my coaching career in 1988. I've been doing it off and on for years and am always looking for tools to add to my utility belt of knowledge to help others. Even my corporate jobs had an aspect of coaching that I pursued. It was always my goal to improve the lives of my employees. I know, a LONG WINDED why, but it's me.
  • Primary services are coaching/training. Life coaching, business consultation, and helping improve the leadership and soft skills of people.
  • Gratitude is the key to REAL happiness. I have a strong belief in the Savior Jesus Christ. As a result, I believe in his second coming. To that end, when I embarked upon this path, I was given a blessing and the message was very clear that this program will help prepare the world for that second coming, in a good way.
  • A little preachy, I know, but reality is I want people to be better when they are done working with me. For kids, I want them to feel loved...by someone! For professionals, I want them to see their potential and reach that top level. For individuals, I want them to see what God sees in them and for them to identify and follow their purpose.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Feel good Mama/Utah County/ Personal Branding Photography/JWilsonPix

  • Ultimately I want to inspire and empower moms to take time and focus on themselves. I sell "feel good" products in my shop, but also have a big focus on my brand and the content I can offer my audience. I'm building a community of women that want to be amazing moms, but also focus on personal development growing themselves.
  • We offer active-wear, high energy jewelry, crystals & energy tools, high vibe tees, tanks & hats and bathing suits.
  • Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. My company encourages women to take their power back, and invest in themselves and their own well-being. Because a mama that feels good is going to show up better for all those in her life. Every mama deserves to feel good, and I want to help her on that journey.

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Layering Tips/Utah County/Personal Branding Photography/JWilsonPix

During your photo shoot, you don't want to waste time making outfit changes. So here’s my tip to help with that. 

Most photographers will limit the number of outfits you can change into. Location can also limit what you'd be able to change into as well, but layering items of clothes can help resolve this problem. 

By adding on some simple layered pieces you can remove, you can completely change your look in just a matter of seconds with little to no fuss.

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Sunday, June 30, 2019

My Leather Legacy/ Utah County/ Personal Branding Photography/ JWilsonPix

This is Amanda. She is the owner/artist/bookmaker extraordinaire behind My Leather Legacy.

She creates beautiful, custom leather journals and also does amazing book repairs!! Here are some images from her personal branding session and more info about her offerings. You can find her on IG, and FB under @myleatherlegacy!

  • To craft and preserve the legacy of your moments, art, adventures, and life.
  • To work with flexibility and benefit to my family and their lives, and be able to enhance my own life with pursuing my vision.
  • Unique and personalized leather journals, sketchbooks and artist books ; and DIY workshops to teach others to create their own.
  • We love empowering people to learn bookbinding, giving them the ability to work with leather, and the creative outlet for them to personalize something that will hold

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Miss Brookes Art Class/ Utah County/ Personal Branding Photography/ JWilsonPix

It is summer time!! Woohoo!! Many people are trying to find things for their kids to do instead of sitting at home watching tv all day long. One of those things to do is Art classes!

Specifically art classes with Miss Brooke.

She got her art education at Utah State University, and her secondary Art education at UVU.  She is a wifey and momma to two sweet little angels. She LOVES being able to teach art to kids! We did a personal branding session for her today so she could have true to her, art specific images to use for promoting her classes!

Here is a sneak peek!

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Taylor/ Utah County/ Personal Branding Photography/ JWilsonPix

Meet Taylor.
She is a #momboss. Life has thrown her some curve balls but she continues to rise above it all
and do good things for herself and her family.

She is the founder of The Magnify Company. A blogger at Healed not hardened, and a fabulous speaker!!

Her mission statement:
  • Help people rise above their current circumstances and become better people. To empower and enable women and men to become their best selves and live the life of their dreams, because they’d said so!
  • To enable the human beings of this planet to create great wondrous joy and happiness.
  • Events, T-shirt’s, Accessories, Art, Speaking, Small Group discussions.
  • Enabling true self expression and connection.

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Hilary/ Natural Head Shots/ Utah County/ JWilsonPix

This is Miss Hilary.
She is super mom to four awesome young ladies, and a Community Organizer for Life Leadership.

We did a family shoot and decided to throw in a few candid head shot type images for her to work with.

I love that color on her! SO pretty!!

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